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About Us

Selah-(sel-uh) noun.  stop and listen, amen, used in reflection at the end of scripture, indication of pause


Selah was created in just one of those moments of reflection and commune with God, that I decide to leave a 14 year career in law enforcement to care for my mother suffering from dementia.  The care of my mother made working a regular nine to five almost impossible.  Despite this I still wanted a career and a purpose outside of caregiver.  It was at this "selah" moment that i decide to turn my love of fashion into a living, while still remaining available to give my mother the attention she required.  With the help of my husband Derick, SELAH was formed.  As a plus size woman I always wanted sexy beautiful clothes; but had to travel to the ends of the earth to find them.  So, in forming SELAH I decided to provide clothes for ALL women of every shape and size. 

Our Privacy Policy


All information shared with SELAH and this website will not be shared, sold or provided to any person or entity, and will only be used to fulfill orders and enhance the customer experience.

Online Security


SELAH uses special security software and programs to protect customers personal and financial information during all purchase transactions and online correspondence.

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